Oppenheimer 6-inch Pipeline

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Leo Verrett - VP of Operations
Mr. Verrett has been with VirTex since July 2005 as Vice-President of Operations and Business Development of Faraday Midstream Co. ("FML"). He is responsible for managing FML's engineering, operations and expansion projects. In addition to his duties to FML he is responsible for the marketing all VirTex oil and gas production. Mr. Verrett has ultimate responsibility for profitability, operations, strategy, business development and capital project development within FML.

Prior to joining VirTex, Mr. Verrett served as Business Development Director at Shoreline Gas, Inc. and Manager for Gas Supply & Processing for Houston Pipeline Company at Enron Corp.

Mr. Verrett graduated with a Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering from Lamar University in 1978.
Melinda Delgado - Office Manager
Chuck McGaughey - Marketing & Business Development